Exposure is a hand-crafted collection of rock, indie and alternative music.

The station is curated and hosted by David Sadof, a Houston DJ whose past shows on terrestrial radio include Explosions In The Glass Palace (KSHU-FM), Exposure (101 KLOL-FM) and Lunar Rotation (KTBZ-FM The Buzz).

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You can listen to Exposure in-browser via the Flash player below, or by visiting the station's pages on Radionomy or TuneIn.

Mobile users, read on for further instructions.

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You can listen to Exposure with David Sadof on iOS or Android devices by installing any of the following apps: Radionomy (iOS App Store | Google Play), TuneIn (iOS App Store | Google Play), or Simple Radio (iOS App Store | Google Play).

Just search for "Exposure With David Sadof" to stream the station from within your app of choice.

Contact David Sadof


For listener requests, send an email with the name of the song(s) and artist(s) you'd like to hear on Exposure directly to David at: exposurewithdavidsadof@gmail.com.

Music Submissions:

Bands and artists, please send a brief bio and a link to your music to: exposurewithdavidsadof@gmail.com. David listens to all submissions personally.

Please note: it's much easier to add your music to the Exposure rotation if you also include a downloadable Dropbox link to mp3 files, rather than just a link to Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

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Exposure with David Sadof is listener-supported radio!

Exposure's rebirth and continued broadcast depends on listenership. Every time you listen to Exposure, you're supporting the station.

If you'd like to make a donation to support truly independent streaming radio beyond tuning in, please use the PayPal button below: